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  • 空气净化工程设计千万不能忽略的问题
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    1. The selection of air-conditioning in purification project is very important. Because air-conditioning consumes the most energy in design and construction, we need to pay attention to energy-saving measures. In the design, the division of area and system, the calculation of air supply volume, the relative stability of temperature, the determination of cleanliness grade and frequency of air exchange, the insulation of air duct, and the selection of flange links, air conditioning box, chiller, fan and other equipment are closely related to energy consumption. These details are the necessary considerations in our redesign and construction.
    2. When the decoration team enters the field, the first thing is the evaluation of the air. If the air is smooth enough, it can be done simply. Otherwise, the demand will be leveled, the cost can not be saved completely, we can not blame the developers, we can only blame luck. Whether carpet or wooden floor is the ultimate choice in the air, even air is the absolute prerequisite.
    3. In the air-conditioning system of purification project, the performance of air duct is very important. It must be compact, dust-free, dust-free, pollution-free, moisture-resistant and corrosion-resistant. In operation, the resistance of the common duct is higher than that along the duct, which needs to be noticed. In this case, it needs to be improved.
    4. Modern fire protection requirements have relevant standards. If you want a ceiling, all indoor sprinklers must show a certain size of the ceiling, and the degree of care.
    5. If a new space is separated from the room, according to the fire protection standard, it is necessary to add a separate smoke sensor, but also to ask professional companies to do it, usually the maintenance unit of the building. If this item and the above item are not corrected properly, they will not pass the acceptance test.
    6. In the process of decoration of many purification projects, due to the small scope, the weak current transformation (including network and telephone lines) often does not invite special integrated wiring companies to do. At this time, we should pay special attention to the data and voice labeling must be done in the wiring time, do not bring trouble to the follow-up work.
    7. Nowadays, many buildings are equipped with central air conditioning and fresh air system, but the indoor air outlet does not necessarily meet the requirements. Demand decoration company relies on professionals to extend or renovate the air outlet, and needs ceiling engineering cooperation.
    8. If the quality of office wall is not good, it must wait until the putty is completely dried before construction.
    9. Whether the office ceiling is made of asbestos or mineral wool, it must be suspended with screw and pull rod, so as to be durable. It is absolutely not allowed to suspend with wire.
    10. The intercom telephone of the clean workshop in the purification project can not only facilitate the communication between the staff, but also reduce the movement of the staff in the clean area and dust. At the same time, the fire alarm system should be set up to avoid the serious losses caused by the fire which is not easy to be found.
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